2014 Oscars: The New Transformer


If you live anywhere near Los Angeles, you know that the Oscars have a whole different meaning and level of importance to the people dwelling here. Well, it should, this is Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, so you can probably guess that Oscar night (the night when the most prestigious award is given to the top players in the movie industry) is a very big deal to just about every single person that calls LA home. 

On this special night, one golden statue gains the power, respect and abilities to quickly rearrange the atmosphere and mood of this city, as if he was Optimus Prime, sent here to transform this paparazzi infested La La Land, into a breathtaking dreamworld with celebrities as far as the eyes can see. To many, even the trophy’s name is somewhat of a mystery, most people are so use to calling it by its nickname that if asked, they probably wouldn’t know Oscar’s true name is really The Academy Award Of Merit. Oscar sounds a lot better though.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that there is really a little gold man named Oscar that lives somewhere in the Hollywood Hills, in a house designed by the creators of Universal Studios, and he sits back proudly every year to watch the telecast of this special ceremony all in his honor. Since moving to LA I’ve become accustom to big Hollywood parties and events, since most celebrities own at least one house here, and always seem to have an event or party planned, but the way everybody reacts when the countdown to the biggest night in Hollywood begins, is a totally different level of excitement. The Oscars equals big business and money for lots of companies in the area big or small, whose expertise is anything movie related or somewhere down the line affiliated with the film industry. From the parking lots around the venue, to the limousine services, to the caterers, and even to the stores on Hollywood Blvd that are selling memorabilia from any of the films that may have been nominated for an award.

The list of businesses that can profit from this special night goes on and on, and if I listed them all, it would probably take as long as the Oscar ceremony takes when it comes on tv. If you havent had a chance to visit Los Angeles during Oscar time, and you always wanted to see your favorite celebrity, then I suggest for you next vacation, you make sure to schedule it to coincide with the Oscars. Be sure to visit the Hollywood and Highland area for an experience unlike any other and you will see for yourself how Oscar has the power to transform this already rich and famous star packed fantastical town, into a mystical world of bright lights, glitz and glamour, where stars from film, television and radio all join together to see who is going to go home with the gold!…And the winner is…..Oscar, The New Transformer!