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Are We Ready for Climate Change in Logistics and Shipping?

In 2021, I wrote an article about climate change and its effects on logistic sector after Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana.

Within two years, we haven’t seen significant changes. There are laws getting rejected all over the world, even in the most civilized countries and climate change activists are still fighting for to make their voice more noticeable.

“Our world is going through one of the most challenging periods; we are receiving news of disasters from various regions around the globe. On one hand, we are hearing about record-breaking floods and storms, while on the other hand, we are facing water level reductions in some areas.”

A recent example of low water levels can be seen in the Amazon River.

Our customers, particularly those shipping to inland areas of Brazil such as Manaus, have faced a lot of problems in the recent period due to this issue.

The low water levels are preventing cargo ships from passing through the river and cutting off village communities to critical water, food and fuel supplies normally delivered via river transport.

The conditions of the world as we know it are slowly changing. So, how prepared are we for this change?

Significant steps have been taken in the logistics sector to address climate change, such as reducing carbon emissions and investing in green energy. Will these considerable measures be able to halt these changes, or to what extent will they provide a solution? This is a vital issue that needs to be discussed globally with collective wisdom, finding solutions, and implementing them as soon as possible.

The logistics sector is a vast, invisible network connecting the world, and container transportation forms its strongest branches. When we face decreasing or increasing water levels, extraordinary natural events, and disasters, these connections can quickly break. We saw this very clearly during the Covid pandemic. Some countries experienced food shortages, while others couldn’t access healthcare supplies. These issues are crucial not only for the world’s leading shipping companies but also for every individual to contemplate and contribute to. Addressing the climate crisis is something we can only achieve through unity, provided it’s not too late.


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