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China Handled Over 200 Million TEUs Between January and August 2023

China surpassed 200 million TEUs handled from January to August 2023, marking unprecedented shipping success.

China’s maritime prowess is undeniable as it surpasses the 200 million TEU mark in container throughput from January to August 2023, representing a robust 4.8% year-on-year (YOY) increase. Not only does this demonstrate China’s enduring dominance in global shipping, but cargo volume in major Chinese ports increased by an impressive 8.4% during the same period, reaching a staggering 11.1 billion tons.

Which Chinese ports are leading the way in container volume?

The Port of Shanghai, the world’s largest and busiest container port, is at the forefront of the maritime charge, processing a remarkable 32 million TEUs. The bustling Port of Ningbo and Zhoushan comes in second with a noteworthy 24 million TEUs, followed by the Port of Shenzhen in third with a notable 19 million TEUs.

In terms of pricing dynamics, the Ningbo Container Freight Index (NCFI) increased by 10.6% in September. Despite a temporary slowdown in North American exports, the industry remains resilient. With the approaching China National Day holiday influencing export cargo volumes, expectations for continued growth in the following quarters are high.

In conclusion, China’s handling of over 200 million TEUs between January to August 2023 demonstrates the country’s significant presence in global shipping.

However, it is critical to acknowledge that these accomplishments are influenced by a variety of factors within the dynamic and interconnected world of international trade. The changing landscape indicates a continuous shift in the global shipping narrative, which reflects broader economic and trade patterns.


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