Cupid’s Accomplice: Love In A New Land


If someone would’ve told her years ago that she would be struck by cupid’s arrow in a foreign land, far far away from home, she probably would’ve laughed at them so hard that they would’ve thought she had mental issues…But that’s exactly what happened! Maybe Cupid was following her in Austria, watching her every step, her every move, every day of her young adult life…Waiting for the right moment to unleash his arrow straight into her heart!

Or Maybe he already knew when and where he would have the perfect shot, so he just went about his daily routine piercing other hearts of the world, until her lucky day popped up on his schedule or since we live in this technological age, until it popped up on his Iphone. Who knows, all she knew was, one day out of nowhere came this strange sensation, that took over her whole body and soul, and she couldn’t seem to figure out what it was, but what was starting to become clear was that every time this certain guy came around, that same sensation would rush over her, overtaking her completely. He seemed to give her so much energy just by smiling at her, touching her hand and saying “Hey little lady, how are you?” But what was it about this guy that was so different from the rest? Was it the excitement of being in America and having someone from a different culture notice her? Was it how he could pronounce her name correctly the very first time he heard it? Was it his style, his voice, his smile, his shoulders or the way he seemed to light up too whenever he saw her? Maybe it was all those things wrapped up into one, she just didn’t know!

These questions remained with her as years went by and she still had no answers. So there they were, 5 years since their first date, a year and a half since their wedding day, and now she realized she finally figured out what it was about him! It was his loyalty to Cupid and his belief in fate and love, because he was the guy that pursued her, he was the guy that came to her job at the mall, stayed there for hours and hours talking to her convincing her to go out on a date with him, he was the one that showed her that America could be all she dreamed it would be and more, he was the one that showed her that love will find you no matter where you go, even if you are not searching for it, or know its searching for you. He was the one that told Cupid exactly where she was, sending Cupid on a journey in a new land to find her. He staged it all. He was Cupid’s accomplice!