Doomsday. Very Close!


I don’t like drawing in conspiracy theories or dwelling on disaster scenarios that might endanger our lives or the world.

By the time I heard the word ASAT…No worries, I’ll explain it shortly. However, let’s think about earlier doomsday scenarios we keep hearing earlier. They used to say, some day there will happen a big solar storm and that storm will damage the satellites around the world. After the satellites get damaged, their debris will start falling on pour poor Earth…No, I’ll cut it off right here. Honestly, even though it’s technically a probable story. I don’t give it a chance.But these days, some guys on the street talk about something (some evil) different. And, unfortunately, something with a higher chance than solar storms…to kill masses of people. They call that thing a ASAT. Putting it shortly, An ASAT is a weapon designed to incapacitate or destroy satellites.
Many countries are known to develop high precion ASATS, or “Satellite Killers” in other words, including USA, Russia, China and India.
Now, please read the excerpt below:

“At 5:28 p.m. EST January 11, 2007, the People’s Republic of China successfully destroyed a defunct Chinese weather satellite, FY-1C. The destruction was reportedly carried out by an SC-19 ASAT missile with a kinetic kill warhead similar in concept to the American Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle. FY-1C was a weather satellite orbiting Earth in polar orbit at an altitude of about 865 km (537 mi), with a mass of about 750 kg (1,650 lbs). “

Yes, that’s real! It happened and it was in 2007. Please make sure they have new and more sophisticated models now in 2014. So, what should we get out of this fact? What we need to get is the fact that we have to be prepared for a doomsday, not ordained by God but anytime caused by a super power on a day they feel threatened by their enemy.

Let’s make it clearer. Nation A got angry with Nation B and started destroying all satellites of Nation B. What type of life would fall on the citizens of Nation B that day? Let’s think.

First of all, they would not be able to watch their favorite soap operas any more. Because almost all TVs broadcast through satellites these days (if they have antenna, the can watch some limited channels) and, of course this is not the real thing. There are worse to come.

If this nation B’s UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) would not work since they are operated by satellite commination (SATCOM). They’ll all get lost in the air and they will begin fall to ground. Some of them are large and surely, some of them will fall on people and their houses. We will hear dozens maybe hundreds of UAVs falling to residential areas, neighborhoods, maybe to schools or hospitals.

Assume you are a passenger onboard a plane passing over the Atlantic Ocean. And the plane’s GPS (Global Positioning System) stopped working. The satellites were destroyed, remember? The pilot of the plane has to have solid nerves, seriously. He or she must overcome this unusual and unexpected GPS loss quick and concentrate on what to do next. And keep in mind your plane will not be the only one in the sky. I am not a flight technician but many planes might crash that day. And, hopefully we would not be onboard!

And more, don’t be surprised if you hear some cruise missiles began blowing up some shopping malls or city centers causing large casualties. Since their GPS navigation systems stopped working. Some cruise missiles are dependent on some other backup navigation systems as well, but in real life they mostly use GPS navigation. At least that’s what I know…

And, when you get to office, you’ll find that no emails no Internet and no anything work that day…that doomsday…Forget about making overseas calls…better go home and pack up to leave the city. Nobody wants to live in a hell, right? Oh, chances are high, people flock to stores to find a “transistor radio.” Maybe some of you don’t even have an idea about it…just let me say that they were popular gadgets before TV revolution. Interesting but that doomsday, only they will work since they don’t need satellite transmissions. At least, you can listen to news to learn more what’s happening to your country. By the way, the assaulting nation (Nation A) will continue their life since they have their own communication and observation satellites.

Crime incidents will increase. Who can check a suspect through national screening system that uses Internet infrastructure? You can witness lootings, man assaults etc. Hopefully, that doomsday does not coincide with an approaching hurricane…believe me nobody could estimate and detect it…

Sorry, but it’s not the end yet. Since many accidents and crashes keep happening, the rescue workers and hospitals will not suffice to stop human losses and I want to cut it off here…I think you have a clearer idea now about the fact that a national(maybe global) doomsday is close…very close…Be prepared!