EverAce Becomes the Largest Box Ship by Just 28 TEUs

Photo Credit: @lappino / Shipspotting.com
Photo Credit: @lappino / Shipspotting.com

Evergreen will once more possess the biggest box ship in the world with their newest addition to their fleet, EverAce.

Built by Samsung Heavy Industries, EverAce has the capacity of a whopping 23,992 TEUs. The record for the biggest container ship has often been broken in recent years and it looks like will continue to be broken in the coming years.

EverAce will be the first of the ten ships that Evergreen will get from Samsung Heavy and CSSC. EverAce is the start of a new bulbless design which is not the direction Evergreen usually takes regarding design.

Alphaliner describes the new Evergreen ship as coming with a highly-flared bow and a full width of 24 container rows in the first bay. Lashing bridges reach four tiers high with so-called Mickey Mouse ears into the fifth tier.

Now a new question looms: is the world ready for larger container vessels?

As we all know, container ships have quadrupled in size in recent years and it looks like vessels will continue their rise in sheer size in the coming years. This begs the question, are the world’s conventional seaways are ready for the increase? The Suez Canal crisis showed that the unchecked increase in sizes might cause major crises and the world needs to be ready.