MTS Logistics Nurtures Young Minds with 3rd Beach Cleaning Project in Izmir, Turkey with 150 Children Joining Cleaning Efforts


MTS Logistics made its biggest impact yet in its quest for cleaner oceans and a cleaner world, with 150 kids joining our latest Clean Oceans Project event.

On Sunday, October 8th, MTS Logistics held its third annual Clean Oceans Project in Seferihisar in Izmir, Turkey, working hard to clean the beach and make a big impact towards cleaner oceans worldwide. With 300 participants, half of them were children between ages 4 and 16.

Starting in 2022, MTS Logistics felt it was very important to include children in our ocean cleanup efforts in order to teach them about the importance of clean and healthy oceans and taking care of our environment. This year, we felt it was key to include even more children in our efforts, and we were successful with 150 children joining us.

The next generation – today’s kids and tomorrow’s leaders – got to learn a lot about the environment and conservation at this year’s event.

The MTS Logistics Clean Oceans Project is more than a beach cleaning event, it is a learning experience for kids of all ages, where they learn to protect our seas, reduce plastic usage, reduce their waste footprint, and use recycling bins when disposing of their waste.

Environmental specialist and published author Akın Erdoğan of Zeytin Okulu spoke to event participants prior to the start of our cleaning efforts, discussing how to protect our oceans, providing an overview of carbon footprints, and outlining steps for reducing plastic usage and increasing recycling efforts.

All children joined us in cleaning the beach, making a big difference.

Then, we began cleaning Akarca Beach with every participant including children of all ages picking up trash and cleaning. With this multi-generational effort from kids to adults, we made a huge difference.

When we were finished cleaning, many kids joined us for a drawing workshop and seed ball making class. The class was taught by two of Akın Erdoğan’s volunteers, Vera Goshkoderia and Arina Miksiuk. The children had a great and fun time doing these two educational activities. Making and distributing seed balls is a quick way to reclaim the lost green cover in our environment, and our children learned to make seed balls and plant them in places that need new plants. Kids got to touch the soil and watched a demonstration on planting new plants.

Following the event, participants – including all children – left with the tools need to bring meaningful change to the world and its environment.

Everyone received a gift bag courtesy of MTS Logistics to remember their important and meaningful day, with a notebook, a pencil with seeds to be planted, a pencil case made from recycled material, and a book on marine life in our oceans.

The Clean Oceans Project is a critical effort in the fight to restore our world’s oceans and marine life.

We at MTS Logistics started this event several years ago as we sought to make a big impact on cleaner oceans. Together with our annual Oceans Cleanup Project event in New York City, we are making a huge impact by removing trash and educating the leaders of tomorrow. With climate change and decades of environmental damage providing humanity arguably its biggest challenge yet, we decided to act, and we are very proud of this wonderful event.

MTS President Sedat Saka said: “It is absolutely crucial that the children of our families and friends who will inherit this beautiful world we call home learn the skills needed today to be the change they seek to be in the world. With our Clean Oceans Project, MTS Logistics is setting the tone for companies to participate in environmental-focused policies and making a huge impact. Thanks to everyone – adults and children – who joined us to participate.”

For more photos: click here to view our full album from the event.