MTS Logistics, Top 10 Shipper, Shows That Local Shipping Companies See National Success


MTS Logistics, a New York based shipping and logistics company, was named a Top 10 Shipper by the Port of New Orleans.

The Port of New Orleans, the United States’ fourth-largest port by cargo volume, held an awards ceremony to honor the Port’s top 10 shippers and ocean carriers. The Port of New Orleans thanked the honorees for their support over the years, as these companies helped lead the Port’s rise to the fourth-largest place among U.S. shipping ports.

MTS Logistics President, Sedat Saka and myself, Aytac Akgul, were invited to New Orleans to attend the 10th Anniversary of The Cargo Connections Conference. We received the award on behalf of the MTS Logistics team.

The event features a diverse group of shipping industry experts that have helped MTS Logistics stay on top of the latest shipping and logistics trends around the U.S. and the world.

Being a New York-based shipping and logistics company, it is very rewarding for us to see this result and be recognized for our contribution to U.S. Gulf Ports.

We have been continuously investing in technology and MTS Employees to prove that not only is location a key point for success, but also hard work and dedication with the right plan and people.

Our Gulf operation started around 15 years ago. Since then, we have been there, visiting our customers almost every two weeks. We enjoy spending time there, enjoying local food, and having had the experience of seeing the expansion of the region’s cities and the local economic growth.

With the shale gas expansion within the synthetic resin industry, Gulf ports have been growing rapidly. Each port in the Gulf, starting with the Port of Houston and the Port of New Orleans get their fair share of this growth, since the Port of Houston is not enough to meet this demand alone. With that being said, industry leaders require support from the Port of New Orleans.

At MTS Logistics, we are happy to see that we have been positioning ourselves in the right direction with the container volume we have been handling from both the Ports of Houston and New Orleans. In 2017, MTS Logistics handled around 84,000 TEUs on both U.S. Inbound and Outbound trade. Based on our preliminary 2018 numbers, in the first three months of this year, we handled around 22,000 TEUs.

We are in the service industry and the product we are providing is service, which is subjective. So, you can only judge this industry by being satisfied with the logistics services you are getting. It doesn’t matter whether we are managing Gulf operations from New York or Los Angeles, as long as our working hours are in line with the local time in those regions.

The world we know today is changing so fast with new technological developments in every industry.

There is no denying that in the modern world, we are quite spoiled when it comes to technology. From speedy internet access on-the-go to the ability to instantly get in touch with almost anyone in the world by dialing just a few digits, recent technological developments have changed the way we live. Today, you cannot walk down the street, sit on a train, or even eat at a restaurant without being surrounded by people with their eyes fixated on their smart phones, tablets or laptops.

We now have the ability to manage our emails through our phones. Even when I get home, I constantly check my emails to see if our customers need any urgent help. All of my colleagues are doing the same thing.

This is a great example that whether I’m at work or home, I can still answer my customers’ needs from my laptop and phone.

Another example are two companies leading online e-commerce, Amazon and Alibaba. They provide easy shopping no matter where you are located. They are managing their operations from one location while serving every state locally, but are thinking globally.

In today’s logistics industry, we are all managing our business emails and responding to customers’ needs by communicating with them through different email software platforms.

MTS Logistics is investing in technology to help customers locally, rather than opening local offices just to have a name there. Our customers can track their shipments through our website, print their bill of ladings, invoices, and shipping documents, or as a supplier or agent in China or another country. You can have access to our online shipping platform to create an order for your overseas buyer’s review and approve it through our online platform.

This proves that location does not matter for 21st-century business.

We bring MTS Logistics to your computers and phones, rather than having an office in your town. As we can see, MTS Logistics is ranked a Top 10 shipper nationally, even though we are New York-based. This shows that the shipping industry as we know it has changed so much and will continue to change with new technological investments.

The Port of New Orleans has been strategically-located as a U.S. port, and is constantly growing to be the country’s fourth largest port with the cargo volume they handle.

We would like to thank the Port of New Orleans for providing smooth operations in New Orleans. We see them as a partner rather than just a port. We would also like to extend a special thank you to our customers for their contributions to our success – their support is always very much appreciated!

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Aytac Akgul
Aytac Akgul was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. He got his Master’s Degree in International Transportation Management from State University of New York - Maritime College in December, 2012 and He got his bachelor of science degree in Transportation and Logistics from Istanbul University in June, 2010. He previously worked for Maersk Line in Istanbul, Turkey. He is now working for MTS Logistics, Inc. as a Business Development Manager since May 2015.