Shows Worth Seeing in New York


One of the most famous aspects about New York is the city’s incredible shows. Tourists pour into the city in hopes to witness these exciting and colorful events, and New Yorkers are always looking to be apart of this cultural experience. Theaters and musicals are one of the factors that make this city one of the best in the world.


This post-modern show called Fuerza Bruta is an interactive theater experience where the audience takes a part in the play. The visual effects of the show make it very interesting to be a part of. There is dancing, running and swimming right above where the audience is standing. With its high energy and spontaneity, this is a Off-Broadway show you don’t want to miss.


One of the ‘must-see’ theatres in New York is Sleep No More; which is located inside the McKittrick Hotel. This interactive show tells the story of Macbeth; with the audience being able to walk around the 5-storied hotel and being apart of the scene. Upon entrance to the hotel, people are given a mask to wear. You go through your own journey at your own pace; enjoying the props, scene, story and actors that you may come upon.


The Book of Mormon is by far the most enjoyable and memorable musical I have ever been to. Granted, I am a huge fan of Matt Stone and Trey Parker who are also the creators of South Park. I would easily consider this work as their masterpiece. The hilarious and yet offensive musical is about Mormon missionaries who go to Africa in order to introduce locals to the Book of Mormon.


Some may know this classic play turned into a motion picture; because of the legendary Elizabeth Taylor who played the role of Maggie. Recently, Scarlett Johansson has stepped into Taylor’s shoes and has given an exceptional performance in New York on Broadway. The play focuses on the relationships and dialogue rather than anything else. The acting and conversations are very interesting and I would urge everyone to go see this classic.