Transformational Leadership


We all know there are some ways to motivate employees such as; incentive compensations, performance rewards or sanctions, perquisites and so on. What about the leadership itself?

Transformational leadership is a technique that was developed to motivate employees in any working environment. Employers who are able to initiate a program and teach their employees how to run it have greater success than those who just delegate tasks. This shows that the employer is ‘hands on’ and can manage to lead by example. A good leader can motivate employees without offering a pay raise. Transformational leadership has transformed the business environment in terms of motivation. A good leader is one who wants to see their juniors succeed.

The basic rules of implementating transformational leadership are as follows:

1. Individualized Consideration

This is a method implemented by the leader being a mentor or role model to the employees. When the employees are able to see their leader do a task and succeed in it, they become motivated to work better at the same task.

       2. Inspirational Motivation

This method is where the leader of a group speaks to the employees with and encourages them on how to work better to succeed. This also shows the journey the leader has taken in order to attain their current level of success. This way the employees are able to be more determined to work more diligently.

            3. Idealized Influence

This is where the leader is able to help the juniors discover their passions in life and pursue them. It is important for employees to ensure that their juniors are able to visualize their dreams and turn them into a reality. This way the leaders become really helpful to the juniors and also assist the community at large. These features in a leader ensure that they would make great national leaders.

After the leaders have gone through the three major steps, they now have to work on the practical logistics. They start with having a meeting with all their juniors and creating a good vision for the organization. They then make strategies on how to achieve the vision. Finally, the leader must set the pace on how the steps will be followed through to make the process a success.

Transformational leadership will test the willingness of the leader to help their juniors. The success of any organization is highly determined by the quality of its leadership. If the leaders are able to take the right direction, and make the right decisions, the company has a guaranteed chance of success. Transformational leadership will aid in the growth and advancement of organizations, and eventually build the economy of a nation.