11 Innovative and Creative Uses of Shipping Containers


The creativity of humans knows no bounds. Mankind has transformed countless objects designed for a single purpose into something totally different. Repurposing is an inventive way to use old things and is critical for extending the life of important construction materials. Shipping containers are no exception.

Massive storage containers are immensely durable. This quality is why they are able to withstand handling and shipment. Intermodal freight containers have become one of the most important reusable storage and transport units in the world. In fact, if you laid all the shipping containers side by side, you can circumvent the equator! However, the container’s purpose is not limited to moving products from country to country.

Reusing shipping containers has become a popular architectural trend. There are endless possibilities for what you can make from shipping containers. If you’re curious to find out some creative uses, keep on reading.

Swimming Pools

If you don’t have a pool in your backyard, maybe it’s time to purchase an old shipping container! Not only are shipping containers a super cool way to beat the summer heat, your pool will also be the talk of the town.

The pool will measure the same size as the shipping container. Depending on the way the pool is designed, your pool can be drained and transported to different locations. To make sure that your pool will be nothing short of the best, make sure your containers are free of rust or any large noticeable dents.

After cleaning and spray painting the container, all you need to do is to dig a hole that is the same size as your container. Make sure to protect the soil with limestone. Then, you’re ready to drop in your pool! Just make sure to line your pool with insulation foam and cover the steel edges so it would look better.

Affordable Housing

You’ve probably seen hundreds of photos on the internet of houses made from shipping containers. These houses are super sleek and relatively affordable compared to traditional housing options. This quirky housing idea can even be used for rental properties!


It turns out, houses are not the only living space that can be constructed out of used shipping containers. The durability of shipping containers enables them to be stacked to create multiple floors without much effort. After adding key elements such as plumbing, electricity, and amazing interior design, your hotel will surely be fully booked in no time.


If you’re a health buff and want something more relaxing than a pool, why don’t you turn your shipping container into a sauna? This sauna option would be heated by a wood-fired stove. Although you can stop at that, it is recommended to throw in mood lighting and even a stereo to heighten your experience.  These repurposed shipping containers are a great way to beat stress.


If you need a large shed to store tools such as lawnmowers, gardening tools, and outdoor equipment, a shipping container would be great. This use is great because it will give your items total protection from the elements.

Forget your old wood shed. Not only are shipping containers cooler to look at, they will also not mold or rust! They also give more security than wooden structures.

Restaurants or Food Trucks

Nowadays, people are looking for something unique when they eat out – and that’s not related only to the food but also the dining experience. The shape and size of shipping containers make it the perfect choice for eye-catching restaurants, cafes, and other shops!

Because they are easy to transport, you can take them anywhere. Shipping containers can even work as an art gallery. If you want a more permanent structure, don’t worry – a shipping container can serve that purpose, too.

Emergency Medical Facilities

Disaster can strike at any place and time. This constant risk is why the need for emergency medical facilities is high. Turning old shipping containers into health facilities can help thousands of people. Because of the way containers are made, shipping containers can be converted into sanitary facilities which can be transported anytime and anywhere. This convenience is particularly valuable for third world countries which may lack important permanent facilities.


Do you wish to bring back the old days when you’d have your film camera with you at all times? Without a doubt, film cameras still have an undeniable appeal even to the most tech-savvy photographers.

If you want to keep this tradition going, you can set up your own darkroom using a shipping container. Because shipping containers can be tightly sealed, it is easy to control its temperature or modify its lighting. As an added bonus, creating your own darkroom will give you more creative control over your craft.


You may not realize it but in many impoverished parts of the world, finding funds to build schools is immensely challenging. This lack of infrastructure has led to various innovations. You can modify shipping containers to have doors, air conditioning or heating systems, or windows to give a solution to the lack of schools. This use of shipping containers provides a wonderful low-cost option for providing quality education.


A child’s imagination can turn a shipping container into something entirely new. However, that doesn’t mean you should let your kid play in a shipping container without making important adjustments first!

To transform a rather boring shipping container into something amazing, try to think of something your child is interested in. Then, use this theme and bring it to life in your shipping container. It can be anything from a space station, to a beach-inspired destination, or even a candy wonderland! Because these shipping containers are quite large, your kids can comfortably stand and play around in it.


If you need a space to park your car, a modified shipping container may be the perfect garage. Depending on how large you want your garage, you can use one or multiple containers. Your garage made from shipping containers can also serve as an ideal place to repair cars because it is inflammable, which makes it great for welding and jobs involving fire.

There are thousands of creative shipping container uses today.

The use of shipping containers is affordable and convenient. Because you can create virtually anything with shipping containers, your creativity is limitless. Now that more people are realizing their potential, expect to see more shipping containers outside shipping yards in the future!