Popular Chocolate Bars in the World


The chocolate bar is perhaps the most thought about snack during the day. Sure we each have cravings for different delightful foods, but for those of us with a sweet tooth, the chocolate bar does the trick. The handy, grab and go, sit and type, munch and observe, all around efficient treat is available everywhere. Great thing is that there is always something for anyone to munch on: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, peanut buttery, caramel coated, jelly filled, slightly minted, coconut shredded, I can go on and on. As I know much about the candy bars available to me here in the U.S., I decided to take a trip to some parts of the world (how I wish I was not only figuratively speaking) to delve into a world that leaves Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory in the dust.

Israel: Elite

This is the most popular chocolate in Israel. There’s no wonder considering all the different flavors available: with popping candy, milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, strawberry cream filled, with hazelnut nougat cream, with lentil candy, with chocolate cream. Also, some bars are available as Kosher for Passover, which are soy lecithin free.

UK: Aero

Aero is a milk chocolate bar filled with bubbles of air, made by Nestlé and comes in a variety of flavors, including mint chocolate.

Colombia: Jet

Vanilla flavored wafer covered with chocolate. This bar is said to be small but filling.

Poland: Prince Polo

Prince Polo is made from chocolate-covered wafers. It is Poland’s most popular candy bar, but is also sold in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania and Ukraine under the name Siesta, and in Iceland, where it’s known as “Prins Póló.”

Sweden: Daim

Daim is a crunchy butter almond bar covered in milk chocolate.

Sounds delicious, and hey I hear it is known to be sold in IKEA stores as well.

Norway: Krembanan

Krembanan is a chocolate covered gel-and-banana cream candy bar in the shape of a banana. The shape is certainly different than the others on this list but don’t count it out and let the flavor prove itself.

Saudi Arabia: Galaxy

Mars Inc.’s Galaxy bar is the top-selling candy in Saudi Arabia.

(known as dove in the US made with different chocolate)



Biscuit topped with caramel sauce covered in chocolate. I’m told it is similar to the American Twix.


Wafer filled with hazelnut cream, all dipped in chocolate sauce with hazelnut pieces.

Netherlands: Balisto

Muesli (based on uncooked rolled oats and other products based on grain, fresh or dried fruits, nuts, and mixed with milk, soy milk, yoghurt or/and fruit juice. ) covered in chocolate

Australia: Chokito

Chocolate-covered caramel fudge with crisped rice that the Aussie’s appear to love.

Syria: Hum Hum

Hun Huns are milk chocolate bars filled with coconut.

Russia: Korkunov Chocolate Bars

These are available in milk and dark chocolate, plain, or with almonds or hazelnuts. Clearly aims to please.

Ecuador: Manicho

Milk chocolate bars filled with peanuts. This is the only one I’ve actually tasted and trust me, it satisfies cravings.

Czech Republic: Orion

Milk chocolate with creamy nougat center.

South Korea: Crunky

This bar contains rich milk chocolate over light, crunchy malt puffs. Count me in please!

Let’s face it, all this talk has you daydreaming. So put the phone down, shut the computer screen and go grab that chocolate delight.