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Quiz on the Largest Producing Countries in the World

Never before has business spanned the globe the way it does today. All countries are not equally endowed with natural resources and other facilities for production, hence countries import or export certain products as every country can’t produce the same products. The cost of labor, the availability of natural resources, and the level of know-how vary greatly around the world. Take our quiz today to find out which countries are the largest producers of rubber, cocoa, timber, oil, coffee, grapes and rice:

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Feray Yuksekbas Kavas
Feray Yuksekbas Kavas
Feray Yuksekbas Kavas was raised in Turkey. She graduated from Istanbul University Business Administration then she moved to New York .She attended to International Business Certificate Program under Continuing and Professional Studies at Baruch College. As soon as completed this program she started to work with MTS Logistics. Now she is working as Sales Executive at MTS Logistics Inc.

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