Author: Feray Yuksekbas Kavas

Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on the Logistics Industry

Hurricane Harvey has taken its place as one of the costliest storms in U.S. history, with billions of dollars in property damage expected, and the as-of-yet undetermined lost economic activity, to the shipping industry, and energy and chemical industries. In fact, it is estimated that Harvey will be the second highest-cost hurricane after Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans in 2005. As per Moody’s, damage from Hurricane Harvey is projected to be as high as $40 billion to $50 billion. The Houston metropolitan area is the fourth largest populated city in the U.S. The region continues to grow, and...

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Great Success: MTS Logistics 7th Annual Bike Tour for Autism

This past Saturday, June 10th, was great success for MTS Logistics, as we completed our 7th Annual Bike Tour with MTS for Autism with 110 bikers joining us in support of Spectrum Works, a charity which builds recognition of autism and helps young adults with autism find a job. For the last several years, we been dedicated to the cause of supporting autism awareness. Our mission is to help individuals with autism spectrum disorders get employment opportunities, as 80% of people with autism are unemployed. With our focus on giving back to our community, MTS Logistics recognized the serious...

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Shipping Industry Looking for Certainty on Low-Sulfur Law

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) had set January 1, 2020 as the date to implement a low-sulfur fuel oil law. They are aiming for a noticeable reduction in the sulfur content of fuel used by ships. The IMO’s low-sulfur emission law requires shippers to reduce fuel sulfur emissions to 0.5% from the current level of 3.5%. This was a milestone decision for human and environmental health, as sulfur emissions have been linked to certain respiratory deceases and complications. When the start date of this program was initially accepted as 2020, the IMO advised that they will make reviews and give...

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Alliance Delays Causing Issues for Shippers

The shipping industry will see major changes take place when the two new alliances become effective in April 1st. That’s when the major container steamship lines will combine their strength and power into two “alliances” with vessel-sharing agreements to carry each other’s containers. Shippers will be facing particularly fewer direct port calls, and may encounter disruptions and delays at the ports on that kick-off date because of the delays in announcing the details on new alliance operations. According to JOC and other media sources, these new alliances will mean less direct port calls available to the shippers. Trans-Pacific trade...

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Ride with MTS for Autism Was Great Success

On Saturday, June 11th, we had our Annual Bike event that benefits Autism Awareness. We are very proud that this is our 6th year we have done the bike event. During previous years our focus was to bike for a greener world and had 15,000 trees that were planted. This year we biked to benefit Autism Awareness. The event was a great success as 118 bikers joined us to raise awareness and money for the Autism Charity, Spectrum Works. For each biker that participated, MTS donated to Spectrum Works, a charity that empowers individuals with autism by helping them...

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