Which Coffee is Best for You?


Many Americans depend on their coffee in the mornings more than their alarm clock to wake them up and get them running. Coffee has been like fuel that people have to have, or they will not function properly. Coming from a culture where tea is more common I was really surprised to see how almost everyone is running to coffee shops, coffee carts or deli’s in the morning to have a cup of their morning booster while running around in the New York streets. I also started to believe that this is a contagious thing and now coffee has become my favorite drink too. Coffee signifies something different for each person: gathering, joy, rest, delicious, taste, morning, energy, booster and the list could go on. However there is one description that will perhaps fit everyone: caffeine!

Coffee can be consumed in many different formats – now thanks to Starbucks with their many different kinds and flavored delicious choices, but there could be health drawbacks, depending on what type of coffee you prefer to drink. and what is becoming increasingly clear is that coffee brewed in different ways could have varying health effects. Now it is thought that the most risky type is unfiltered ground coffee. In a recent study, scientists found that unfiltered ground coffee contains fatty chemicals also known to raise levels of dangerous fats in the blood. Other types of coffee may be lower in cardiovascular risk factors but higher in caffeine, which, taken in excess, has its own problems. So which method makes the healthiest coffee brew?

Here are the healthiest options for your to choose from, and possibly rename your new favorite:

Caffeine per cup: 100-150mg
A fine paper filter will highly absorb the fatty components. Also studies show that consuming high amount of filter coffee does not have any negative effects such as blood cholesterol, however this coffee contains the highest caffeine levels. If you are sensitive to caffeine perhaps this is not your cup of coffee, but don’t worry, the list is long and there many to choose from.

Caffeine per cup (single shot): Approx 80mg
it is simple prepared high pressure hot water goes through the beans. Even though it contains small amount of fatty chemicals, it will not have major effect on your heart. Caffeine amount is also less then cup of filter coffee if you could control yourself only with one cup a day

Caffeine per cup: Approximately 80 mg.
It is made with espresso and milk. A cappucino contains equal amounts of caffeine as an espresso, however since its made with steamed milk this delicious drink has a down side for its calorie count. But the good news is that you can use skim milk to reduce the calories.

Caffeine per cup: Approx 65mg
Since instant coffee is in granules (and freeze-dry) shape, this type of coffee does not contain any fatty chemicals and has no risk of cardiovascular health. Other than that it has the lowest caffeine levels. Looks like this instant option is health wise the best one to choose from.

Caffeine per cup: Up to 160mg
I saved the best for last. And unfortunately once again the most delicious is the most harmful one. This is made like ground coffee, boiled and it is completely unfiltered. To me it is the most delicious form of coffee however it has the highest amount of fatty chemicals and the highest caffeine levels in it compared to all other versions.