7th Annual Bike Tour with MTS for Autism


NEW YORK, NY, May 1, 2017 – Spring is here. We are proud to announce our 7th Annual Bike Tour with MTS for Autism, which will be held on Saturday, June 10th, 2017. Please join us and help spread awareness and support the cause of fighting autism. This will be a fun, healthy, and refreshing way to give back to a great cause. This event, sponsored by MTS Logistics, is the largest biking event in the logistics and transportation industry.

Last year, we published and released our book “The Book on Autism,” which is now available for purchase on Amazon.com. This book covers a comprehensive range of topics relating to autism. All sales of our book go directly to autism-related charity, Spectrum Works.

We will be donating $30 for each Tier 1 rider, and $20 for each Tier 2 rider, who participates in our 7th Annual Bike with MTS Tour for Autism. A number of participants will be receiving a copy of “The Book on Autism.”

In the middle of our Bike Tour with MTS for Autism, participants are invited to join us for a healthy brunch at Cafe Restaurant Volna in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. We will hold a raffle to give away our grand prize – a new bike, our second-place prize – sports gear, and runner-up contestants will receive 5 t-shirts in support of autism awareness.

In 2016, over 115 bikers participated, and everyone had a great time biking for a cause. We are very proud of the growth of this event over the last 6 years, and look forward to continuing to build the event’s success this year, and for years to come. Giving back to the cause of autism awareness and treatment is a key part of MTS Logistics core mission, and we are delighted to show our support through this great event.

If you are unable to attend but would like to donate, you can purchase “The Book On Autism” online. All proceeds will be donated to autism-related charities.

Below please find the event’s agenda for your convenience:

There are two Tiers to the event. Tier 1 will commence first, followed by Tier 2 which will continue from morning into early afternoon.


7:00 AM: Participants will meet at Blazing Saddles Bike Rental at Pier 84 (located on 12th Ave – between 43rd and 44th Streets.)

7:30 AM: Bikers will start to roll from Pier 84 to Central Park, and after completing 2 rounds in the Central Park, they will arrive back at Pier 84 to start Tier 2.


9:30 AM: Participants will meet at Blazing Saddles Bike Rental at Pier 84 (located on 12th Ave – between 43rd and 44th Streets.)

10:00 AM: We will depart from Pier 84, over Brooklyn Bridge to Brighton Beach.

12:00 PM: We will enjoy a nice and healthy brunch at Volna Café in Brighton Beach.

1:30 PM: We will bike back to Manhattan after brunch, we will arrive to Pier 84 between 3:00 – 3:30 PM.

For more information, or to sign up to participate in the event, please email [email protected], and let us know how many people will be joining you. The deadline to notify us in Friday, May 26th. You may bring and use your own bike, or you can use a bike provided by MTS Logistics.

Please find a few photos from last year’s event below:

Note: Our initial press release named the charity as Autism Speaks; this has since been changed to Spectrum Works. We apologize for the confusion.