Port of Houston Celebrates Completion of Bayport Terminal Expansion


Last Friday, a major milestone was reached in the Port of Houston’s bid to expand its capacity.

On August 4th, the Port of Houston announced that it had completed construction of Wharf 6 at the Bayport Container Terminal, an expansion project that the port says will bring extra capacity and help reduce supply chain delays and bottlenecks.

The new concrete wharf was constructed to add an extra berth for additional vessels at the Port of Houston. In addition to the wharf, other facility upgrades were made with container yard rehabilitation, renovations of Wharf 3, and an expansion of the port’s truck gate. In all, the U.S. government spent almost $80 million on the renovations and upgrades.

To celebrate the important milestone in the port’s expansion, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg joined a crowd at the port for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Also at the ceremony was U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administrator Admiral Ann Philips and U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

Port of Houston Commission Chairman Ric Campo said:

“Today is more than a ribbon cutting for a concrete wharf; it is a symbol for the future of the Port and all the lives we will impact for the next generation.”

The new project is critical for future port growth and black-swan events.

The new project’s completion is very important for meeting future capacity, as the post-Covid era showed that major global supply chain woes can arise at anytime from “black swan events” and additional capacity is critical. After many issues with capacity at major ports on the U.S. West Coast in 2021, U.S. East Coast and Gulf Coast ports started being called more for overseas shipments, of which the Port of Houston was one.

The Port of Houston has shown strong growth, with double-digit year-over-year growth in recent years, and a large increase in general activity to Gulf ports in the wake of the Covid supply chain crisis.

The port’s new wharf, Wharf 6, is expected to be operational later this year.