Top Digital Transportation Management Trends in 2018


The shipping industry has been evolving at record speed and this trend will continue with a rapid pace in 2018. Just like the days of telex machines (teleprinters/point-to-point teleprinters) in the 1980’s came to an end, and the industry adopted the fast track communication methods of the Internet age, we are experiencing a dramatic transformation in the ways transportation companies, shippers, and third-party vendors all communicate with each other.

The new trend is the digital, web-based online shipping management platforms that bring all task management elements into one portal. The days of using simple technologies and manual processes are over, and shippers must evolve to maintain a competitive advantage and provide superior customer service.  Shipping & transportation management platforms are, by far, the most highly-adopted new trend in shipping industry. This will continue to be the case in 2018. Now, let us take a look at what is in it for shippers and transportation providers with the introduction of this new technology.

1. Scalable and Connected Technology is Available for Shippers

Not all transportation managers easily adopt new technology – we all have our ways of doing business and have a sense of comfort in our habits. However, new technology now offers us the ability to manage most shipping-related tasks through a variety of digital platforms. Choosing to use one of these digital platforms, or online portals, may take off the pressure of managing daily shipping tasks. As a manager, you may have limitations and time constraints, but adding a set of digital tools in your arsenal can increase your efficiency. Shipment processing, tracking, auditing, invoice handling, purchase order management, and plenty of other tasks can now be handled with a few clicks instead of countless e-mail exchanges.

2. Visibility, Reliability, Transparency, and Easy Access to Information

These new platforms help managers gather information objectively through standardized algorithms. You can now access live information via a web or cloud-based platform. You can give yourself ability to work with full visibility in your transportation processes. Transportation information, important documents, and commercial details are now stored and protected for the individual use of transportation professionals. This increases the reliability of transportation companies, shippers, and all who are involved in customer service, on both sides of the supply chain.

3. Collaboration Gets Easier, Focused, and More Integrated

These online platforms can offer ease of communication. You may communicate through your new digital platform and see each line of information exchange on the same page regarding a certain shipment. The ease of communication, and collaboration, is being supported through these platforms and stored for future use. Being able to log in to confirm, track, download documents, and communicate with your provider on the same platform, cuts all the time it takes to process requests and wait for a response. These time savings are extremely valuable. New technology now also allows these platforms to be integrated with a shipper’s internal system and orders can be streamlined accordingly.

4. Transportation Analytics is Now Easier

Technology gave us the ability to access data and how to use the date in a meaningful way. With state-of-the-art platform management systems, you can now run reports based on certain criteria, filter information, and work towards a certain strategy to improve areas in your supply chain. At the end of the day, a manager’s role is to also take a step back and run the numbers so he or she can adopt better practices. New technology now allows plenty of functions in the analytics area.

With this new digital infrastructure in transportation management, shippers are now confident in the future.

Transportation and supply-chain professionals who adopt new technology will work with better information, fuller visibility, and be able to manage most of shipping tasks at ease. But, like any smart executive, when investing the time, effort, and resources to adopt this new technology, one should also pay closer attention to choosing a provider that can provide this level of infrastructure to their clients. New technology is developing so quickly that businesses already find it challenging to keep up with innovations and best practices. Businesses recognize the benefits of information technologies, but organizational challenges may be the roadblocks to adoption.

I am glad to let our readers know that MTS Logistics provides a state-of-the-art online platform that covers all of the above aspects of this new trend. We are proud to lead the way in this industry and will continue to do so. You can reach out to us to learn more about our transportation management platform and start benefiting from it immediately.

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Orkun Gonen
Orkun is originally from Turkey and raised in the southern coastal city of Mersin, well known for its warm weather, and commercial marine port and free zone. Orkun’s interest in the shipping industry can be traced back to his childhood and his proximity to Mersin Port and free zone operations. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Global and International Affairs from Binghamton University. Orkun also holds a Bachelor’s degree in international relations from Middle East Technical University Ankara. He previously worked for a global container shipping line and a New York City based freight forwarder holding various positions in operations, customer service, and sales. Orkun is currently our award-winning sales executive covering and developing several areas: Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and New York. He travels to each of these locations every month to meet his clients, prospective clients and vendors in-person to ensure harmonious supply chains. Due to his operational background in the shipping industry, his clients appreciate his knowledge as value in their supply chain and lean on his expertise. His customer service background ensures that his clients experience a very pleasant shipping experience based on open communication, proactivity, and the satisfaction of selecting the right service. Orkun is a firm believer in trust built from the promise and delivery. He tailor fits the service specifically for each of his clients, covering all their special expectations and requirements. Fun Facts: His parents tricked him to taking classical music education and piano lessons since the age of 6. In time, he turned his attention onto other musical instruments and genres, but this eventually turned him into a music nerd playing several instruments. In his spare time, he plays piano, guitar, and drums, and goes to concerts.