Author: Alysia Xirinachs

The Bayonne Bridge

The New Yorker recently published an article, and somewhat homage, to the Bayonne Bridge. This structure, which connects Staten Island, NY to Bayonne, NJ over the Kill van Kull strait, has undergone extensive construction to lift the bridge while leaving the supports intact – the previous platform has been removed, a new and much higher platform has been established, and the scenic erector set-like structure remains untouched. Ian Frazier’s article in The New Yorker notes some reasons why these changes were necessary. He states that “New York was once the busiest port in the world, but for decades the...

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Better Than Google Translate: Common Shipping Terms Authentically Translated into 10 Languages

Shipping is a global industry that requires us to interact with vendors, clients, and agencies all over the world. Although English is the primary language of choice when liaising with international associates, there can be times when we may encounter other languages – and the need to understand those languages. As effective as Google Translate is in helping us decipher the hieroglyphics we see when faced with languages foreign to our own, it is not always the best tool when it comes to shipping terms. For example, if you use a search engine to translate the English word “Breakbulk”...

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Wine Importing: A Game of Russian Roulette

Right now, if you are a wine enthusiast, you may be sitting with glass in hand (or in anticipation of a 5 PM Happy Hour), sipping a Bolgheri Rosso, a red Bolgheri wine with a dry, harmonic flavor that has led it to be called the Bolgheri Superiore or superior Bolgheri. This wine, originating from Livorno, Italy, has been aged for at least two years; a process that begins in January to render its signature taste. Wine must go through an extremely particular process to reach its desired taste and the process of storing wine is just as important...

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Blockchain Technology: Friend or Foe?

Amid chaos in an ever-changing industry, there lurks a new element that will impact the logistics industry possibly more than any alliance or economic slump has done in the past. But, will this new change be for the better? As the logistics industry continues to grow, change, and now consolidate, perhaps the highest-impacting development will be seen from the side of technology. In recent years, the cargo shipping process has become lightning fast and, in theory, simpler than ever with the development of e-commerce. This technological speed was matched with terminal growth, service expansions, and the introduction of mega-container ships....

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