Author: Irmak Aktan

FCL vs. LCL – Which One is More Suitable for Your Business?

If you are uncertain about whether LCL or FCL shipments are more suitable for your business, here is a review of definitions and procedures for both shipping methods, to help you determine the right decision. Let’s start with Full Container Load (FCL.) Just like it sounds, FCL is a type of ocean freight, and refers to Full Container Load, which means that you are the only user of the container, and do not need to fill the entire container. Next is Less Container Load (LCL.) The LCL type of ocean freight are shipments priced based on the volume of...

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Reusing Shipping Containers: What are the Advantages and Challenges?

Reusing old shipping containers after their expected life is over has recently become a worldwide architectural trend. The practice has been referred to as “container architecture or cargotecture.” Reused shipping containers have been turned into houses, hotels, storage units, stores, restaurants, food trucks, green houses, schools, libraries, and even art studios, by basically modifying them, and putting and sticking them together like legos. But what are the advantages and possible challenges of purchasing and reusing old shipping containers? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages, and challenges, of reusing shipping containers. Environmental Friendliness Reusing shipping containers, and...

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