Author: Dimitri Konstantinidis

FFW vs. NVOCC – What’s the Difference?

Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs) and Freight Forwarders are the heroes that come to the rescue when you have to move your stuff from Point A to Point B. It seems like they do the exact same thing, so why do they have such different names? Because, in fact, they are quite different. Freight forwarders and NVOCCs are both intermediaries between Beneficiary Cargo Owners (BCO) and Carriers. Proprietaries can choose to use an intermediary for many different reasons, most commonly to ensure they can secure space on vessels at competitive rates for their shipments. Freight forwarders and NVOCCs are...

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Celebrate Our Everyday Heroes – National Customer Service Week

You may not realize how important good customer service is until you are faced with its opposite: bad customer service. Of course, the context is always relevant – you may not expect your fast food server to go above and beyond, but would you accept a low standard of service from your logistics representative? When you face a serious problem, always a possibility in shipping, you want to know that the person helping you is solution-oriented with your interests in mind. At MTS Logistics, you will find just that. We work to go far beyond good customer service. We...

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Incoterms: An Overview

Throughout the years, as international commerce was progressing, the need for common codes of conduct and contract created the Incoterms rules. Since 1923, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has been publishing these rules, creating the framework in which a deal is executed, and determining the obligations, costs and risks between the seller and the buyer. Ever since then, one has to search real hard to find a commercial invoice between two parties that doesn’t have those distinct three letter codes that determine who is responsible for payment and risk throughout the cargo’s journey from origin to destination. The...

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Northeast Passage: Climate Change Reveals a New Shipping Route

Global warming is rapidly changing the world map as we know it. Even though sea level rises will make coasts and islands disappear from the face of the world, and climate change will have a huge impact on all of our lives, there is also a significant benefit for the shipping industry. According to scientists, 2030 is the year when the percentage of Arctic ice will be so low in the Arctic Ocean, that it will allow the passage of container vessels, connecting Europe with China and Southeast Asia. This route is called the Northwest Passage, and so far...

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Why Me? What Triggers a Customs Inspection?

Even today, it remains a mystery – how import shipments are selected to be inspected by U.S. CBP (Customs and Border Protection,) as the force has never disclosed criteria. There is a classified risk factor number assigned to all shipments that are about to enter the U.S. border, but we do not know the formula used to determine the risk factors leading to inspection. The law is clear in saying it is at CBP’s absolute discretion to select one shipment over another without providing any reasoning. However, CBP does provide a notification to your customs broker that they will be advising a “manifest...

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