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Mediterranean Ports Come Together to Resolve Port and Trade Issues

Ports across the Mediterranean Sea, including within Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Malta, Albania, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, and Turkey, recently came together to tackle overlapping port and trade challenges that each country is facing. As the rising volume of shipping containers increases, more pressure has been placed on these ports on the coasts of Africa and Europe in the Mediterranean to resolve these reoccurring issues. Overall, the aim of this association will be for Mediterranean ports to collaborate so that the smooth and efficient flow of goods may be supported. This will be made possible through sharing best...

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Information to Include on a Master Bill of Lading/Shipping Instructions

One of the most important documents involved with a shipment is the Bill of Lading. A Bill of Lading is a receipt for the cargo, which contains all the pertinent information for the shipment. It is provided as a Master Bill of Lading from the Carrier, or a House Bill of Lading from the NVOCC. It includes the shipper/consignee information, container numbers, seals, piece counts, weights, and more. Without the Bill of Lading, the cargo cannot be released. Therefore, it is imperative that the information on the Bill of Lading is clear and accurate. Where does the information on...

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Everything You Need to Know About Relief Cargo

In recent days, news outlets have been broadcasting the issues Puerto Rico is facing with receiving relief cargo, after the devastating impact left by Hurricane Maria. Many states and organizations have come together to provide relief goods to those left without electricity, food, running water, and basic necessities, but much of the cargo has been stranded on vessels, or at the terminal. Considering the many recent global disasters, and the logistical issues faced in their wake, let us shed some light on what a disaster is, and the logistical responses to it. According to a study from Science Direct,...

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Asia-to-Mediterranean Route Surpassing Predictions

In the first quarter of this year, cargo ship traffic growth has risen by 5.6 percent on the Asia-to-Mediterranean route. Early forecasts from last year had predicted only a 3 percent increase in growth on this trading route in 2017; however, the year-to-date volume, according to the Container Trade Statistics, reveals a whopping increase of 6.9 percent on this respective route. If anything, the global economy has been hard to predict, and this erratic behavior has directly carried over, and influenced the world of logistics. In January, the rate for a 40-foot container on the Shanghai-Genoa route peaked at...

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U.S. East and Gulf Coasts See Increase in Asian Imports

In the first four months of 2017, the ports of the South and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States have experienced an increased share of container imports from the Asian market. This recent trend is believed to continue growing as vessels with capacities of 14,000 TEU will have access to the East Coast’s major gateways in the summer of 2017. The growth of these Southern ports and their respective populations, however, is coming at the expense of two of the largest gateways in the country: Los Angeles-Long Beach and New York-New Jersey. This can be seen in the growth...

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