Author: Peter Yang

China South Sea Dispute

We frequently hear news about the China South Sea disputes, which may result in military action from both the U.S. and China. Disputes are still ongoing. We will explore the back story of the dispute, and how it may disrupt shipping lanes. What is the story behind the China South Sea disputes? China is claiming majority of the China South Sea, based on an old 1947 map of theirs, which encompassed the majority of the sea area with 9 dash lines. With this, they claimed sovereignty over the region to do what they see fit. This region is rich...

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Automation – A Threat To a Healthy World Economy

Humans versus the machine has been an ongoing fight for centuries – and we are on the losing end. With every advancement in technology, the threat of replacing humans always lurks around the corner. Machines have always been able do a better task at a higher capacity, with higher efficiency, than humans can. Automation is great for companies’ bottom lines, but we are treading a thin line in that it can have an adverse effect on the world economy. The world economy is an ecosystem rooted in a cycle of capitalism, which requires consumer spending to survive. Automation helps...

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Global Warming and Its Effect on the Shipping Industry

According to the majority consensus within the scientific community, it is widely known the Earth is warming up faster than in previous years, having record temperatures year after year due its high greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. A record-level low of sea ice has been seen in the Arctic over the past few months. It worries scientists – and the general public should be worried, too, since arctic animals such as polar bears are estimated to decline by at least 30% by the year 2050. We can reduce human activities that lead to climate change, beginning with reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Global...

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Impacts of Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), negotiated under former U.S. President Barack Obama, is a multinational pact between Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Peru, Chile, Peru, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei. Though the TPP was never passed by U.S. Congress, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to officially withdraw the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as he had pledged to do during his campaign. Withdrawal from the TPP is seen as a win for most labor groups, because they believe withdrawal would help alleviate the loss of manufacturing jobs and lower wages in our nation. The labor...

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How Self Driving Vehicles Could Hurt the Auto Industry

There is a saying that those who does not change, adapt, evolve, will be left in the dust. Words that best put it, said Nokia’s CEO: “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.” These are the last words from Nokia CEO during the 2013 announcement that they had been acquired by Microsoft. It gives a glimpse of what change does to you. Nokia used to own majority of smartphone market, not until Apple came out with the new innovation of the iPhone during 2007 that took majority of the market by storm. They became one of the...

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