Author: Utku Can Ozkan

Passport for Goods: ATA Carnet

Have you ever wondered how expensive equipment is shipped around the world for the use of international competitions? How about how famous singers, and rock bands, take their gigantic stage materials to perform overseas? I’m pretty sure that some of us were curious thinking about exotic cars that are brought for trade shows from other countries. How do they actually get past customs? Do organizations, teams, musicians pay all expenses, including custom duties? Luckily, the World Customs Organization and the International Chamber of Commerce came up with a simple answer to your questions – ATA Carnet, the passport of...

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Machine Learning: How Will It Integrate Into the Shipping Industry?

Machine learning can be defined as the application of Artificial Intelligence, providing systems the ability to automatically learn, and improve, without the need for excess external programming. It recognizes patterns, and learns from previous computations to produce reliable results. Recently, the shipping industry has been keeping a close eye on these developments and watching how artificial intelligence has started to become an enormous hype among other industries. Many carriers, as well as Third-Party Logistics firms, are keen on foreseeing what improvements will be made in the next few years and beyond. Predictive logistics technology lies beneath the application of...

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