Author: Zafer Tas

Big Data in the Shipping Industry

What is Big Data? Big data is a term that covers a vast amount of data stored in either structured or unstructured form. The massive size of this cloud-based information makes it nearly impossible to store and process this data through traditional approaches. When handling big data, advanced data-processing techniques and tools are required in order to effectively analyze and utilize this data. Nowadays, big data analytics are applied to many industries to promote better quality decision-making processes. Recently, the shipping industry has taken advantage of this new trend, by starting to utilize big data. There are some key...

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ultra-Large Container Ships

As the world economy grows faster than ever before, the shipping industry has no choice, but to catch up with the speed of change. Over the years, strong demand for international trade has led to an increase in the size of shipping vessels. This maximizes the benefit for economies of scale. In the past, “Megaships” were built to address the demand for larger container vessels. However, as economies grow ever more rapidly, a larger generation of container ships will be needed: ultra-large container ships. The capacity of ultra-large container vessels currently ranges from 14,000 TEUs to 21,000 TEUs. This...

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