Author: Gokcen Erdogan Sahin

How Has Hurricane Season Affected Trucking?

Hurricane Harvey alone affected nearly 10% of the entire U.S. trucking industry. Even months later, Harvey still is affecting 2% of the total trucking industry, and 25% at the regional level. Overall, most of the lingering effects are regional. However, the 2017 Hurricane Season’s effect on the trucking and logistics industry runs deeper than closed roads due to flooding or fallen trees. Capacity had already been tight before Hurricane Harvey, and rates have increased this year, altering the trucking and logistics industry nationwide, not just in the areas directly impacted by the hurricane. Because Texas is home to about...

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Cleaner Fuel For Shipping Vessels – Liquefied Natural Gases (LNG)

A century ago, the shipping industry transitioned from primarily “coal-fueled” to “oil-fueled” power sources. Fast forward another hundred years and in the present day, a new transition is taking place. This newer fuel source comes in the form of gas, and its impact is clearly evident. With stricter environmental and international standards, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is being looked at as the “fuel of the future.” Logistic companies continue to gain interest in LNG-fueled vessels as a way to reduce their environmental impact, and potentially reduce fuel cost. As global energy demands continue to rise, natural gas continues to play...

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Maersk to Purchase Germany-Based Hamburg Sud Shipping Line

The world’s largest shipping container company, Maersk, based in Denmark, has announced its future acquisition of Hamburg Sud, a German shipping line and the 7th largest shipping container company in the world. The acquisition is expected to increase Maersk’s market share as a container operator. The sale price is still undisclosed but it is speculated that Hamburg Sud’s purchase will cost Maersk up to $4 billion. Further details regarding the sales price is expected to com out in the 2nd quarter of the 2017 fiscal year. According to the CEO of Maersk Group and Maersk Line, Soren Skou, Maersk plans...

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Logistics Providers Challenge to Guide Shippers through Technology Shift

Technology has indeed changed all facets of business including the world of logistics. What was once considered a “physical distribution management” is now seen as equally digital and physical. This is due much in part to the rapid growth of e-commerce and mobile technology. According to Fab Brasca, vice president of solution strategy for JDA Software, the recent round of supply chain changes is all about “customer centricity.” Brasca explains that “Consumer behavior drives change.” This may sound like a simple idea, but observing customer centricity allows for complex supply chains such as carriers to create highly individualized lines...

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Gotthard Base Tunnel to Shift European Cargo

The 17 year project of building the Gotthard Base Tunnel has finally been completed in Erstfeld, Switzerland and is set to open for business in December of 2016. The cost of the project exceeded $12 billion dollars, but the effects of the tunnel on the economy of Europe should be well worth the price tag. The Gotthard Base Tunnel, which cuts through the Swiss Alps at 35.6 miles will claim the title of the world’s longest and deepest tunnel in the world surpassing Japan’s 33.4 mile Seikan Tunnel. Furthermore, the tunnel will be able to handle up to 260...

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