Author: Burak Gungor

Big Stuff in the Air

In shipping, the options are unlimited. It is part of our lives to think of creative solutions, and come up with different variations on how to deliver the cargo, improve efficiencies in logistics, reduce costs, and whilst doing those, also to ensure delivery in-time. Often times, we utilize traditional transportation modes to move cargo, which is basically by ships via ocean. But sometimes, the traditional ways of shipping do not work for extremely urgent cargoes that must be shipped, and delivered, as soon as they are ready for movement from the factory, due to various reasons, including contractual requirements....

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An Operations Day on The Arabian Peninsula

It is the day of heat and sand in Oman. The air is painted in yellow by dust and sand, blown by mild winds. I check the temperature on my overheated smart phone, which keeps shutting down automatically because of the extreme heat. It shows 113 degrees Fahrenheit. I know this phone is not waterproof, and obviously not heat-proof either – are you going to do something about that Apple? I know that I am sweating, but my clothes are dry because of the heat. The sweat must be vaporizing before contacting the fabric. It just feels like I...

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