Author: Eda Ozsoy

What is a Project Cargo?

When we are defining a project cargo, we are tapping into defining the nature of the cargo and a whole set of new ideas, out of the box solutions, and creativity, put into action during it’s international transportation from a production facility to its final destination, such as its home. The nature of the cargo is defined according to the answer of one question: during its international transportation, can the load be put in an existing 20’, 40’, 40HC, or 45HC flatrack or open top container, or not. When the answer is no, the load is considered as project...

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Wind Power in the U.S.

Wind power in the United States has it roots set in the 1940s, when a 5-turbine project was launched in Pettibone, North Dakota. From 1974 until the mid-1980s, the U.S. government worked with the energy industry to create large commercial wind turbines. In 1975, NASA developed a program to create a utility-scale wind turbine industry, and throughout that initiative, 13 experimental wind turbines were put into operation, which pioneered many of the multi-megawatt turbine technologies in use today. Starting from such a small level, today, the U.S. produces 4.7% of its energy from wind power. Every state in the...

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