Author: Elizabeth Stratiotis

Fuel Costs in Ocean Shipping

Ocean shipping is the most energy efficient forms of freight transportation. Recent estimates show that moving goods by ocean container can be 17 times more fuel-efficient than transporting the same goods by air, and 10 times more efficient than transporting goods by road. Environmentally, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced when shipping goods by sea. How much does it really cost to keep these vessels going? Fuel costs represent as much as 50-60% of total ship operating costs, depending on the type of ship and service. Ocean carriers are required to recover these costs to maintain levels of service,...

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A Toy Story of U.S. Imports

When Christmas comes to mind, we all think of happy family moments around a large Christmas tree with wrapped toys underneath it, ready to be opened by kids that have been waiting a whole year for them. However, Christmas would not be the same without the shipping industry, and certainly the shipping industry would not be the same without Christmas. The holiday season is responsible for a huge part of shipping, especially in the months beforehand. The global toy industry is a billion-dollar industry. The countries with the highest consumption in toys are China and the U.S., followed by...

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