Author: Ozge Kiraytun

Impact of Mega Boxship Deliveries on Asia-North Europe Trade

Ship transport along the Asia-North Europe trade lane is used to carry large box ship deliveries for trade activities. Orders are done in large numbers. For instance, the current orderbook for the mega boxships amounts to 1.4 million TEUs. The delivery will influence the capacity of the market share between the three Alliances, found in the Asia to North Europe trade lane. The introduction of mega boxships is expected to gradually increase the Ocean Alliance’s market share to match the total Asia-North Europe market share capacity, with a total of 2 million TEUs by 2019. In 2020, the Ocean...

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What First Time Importers Need to Know

The world is in a place where globalization has taken center stage, and the interactions and business dealings between the countries and organizations is at an all-time high. The import and export businesses are two of the most important, and crucial, businesses in the era of globalization. Therefore, it is important for first-time importers to be aware about current market situations, legal matters, financial details, and the political environment in various countries where businesses plan to conduct their operations. The e-commerce business has catalyzed the import and export businesses, and people buy and sell goods online, through different websites...

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