Author: Lora Altin Ozbilir

It’s Almost Spring, but Eastbound Transpacific Rates Drop Further

Historically, we all know that going into Spring, cargo volumes start picking up and begin to build. Slack season imports are about 20 percent less than those peak season volumes. This year, it’s been almost eight weeks that spot rates in eastbound Pacific transit have been decreasing. See the chart below: When we analyze East Coast rates, here’s what we see. According to the Shanghai Shipping Exchange’s Shanghai Containerized Freight Index, from Shanghai to the U.S. East Coast, the spot rate for shipping a 40-foot equivalent unit was $2,625, about 59 percent higher than in Week 12 of 2016. For U.S. West...

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Ocean Alliance Dominates Transpacific Trade

I believe the shipping industry has all been waiting to see the impacts of these mega alliances forming within the industry. The Ocean Alliance will start its operations in about 5 weeks. We are aware of the information released out there for its arrival terminals, transit times, port rotation schedule, and even port of departures and arrivals. Below are the members of the Ocean Alliance: OOCL is one of the world’s largest integrated international container transportation, logistics, and terminal companies. They are one of Hong Kong’s most recognized global brands. Evergreen Line operates the fourth largest container fleet in the...

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Low Revenues Hit OOCL

Back in 2016, the freight rates really hit record lows on different trade lanes. We have seen incredibly low rates from Asia to Europe and the USA, where even $300 per 40 foot to North Europe or $700 per 40 foot for the US West Coast did not even come as a surprise. Due to the container shipping market getting worse, Maersk Group, the world’s largest carrier, was forced to cut its 2015 profit forecast by $600 million and cut down its staff by a fifth, while backing out on some vessel orders. Last year, I believe the most shocking news was the...

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Impacts of Hanjin Shipping’s Sudden Collapse

Hanjin Shipping has been in the news. As trade flows have slowed, especially from China, most of the ocean carriers have been struggling with weakening demand and over capacity for years now. We hear some of the carriers have come under pressure to even sell their vessels, and some other smaller shipping operations have already gone through bankruptcy. One of the largest ocean carriers, Hanjin Shipping, has been unprofitable for many years. This unfortunate situation has also pressured their board of directors, who mentioned last Wednesday they may decide on its future course, including whether to file for court receivership....

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Rain Man

As a mother of two , I think children are the only things on the Earth that really belong to us, the rest are all materialistic . I find that raising children may be challenging due to the different experiences we may go through. Sometimes things may not go the way we wish but we “parents” naturally know how to embrace pretty much any challenge even if it is an unfortunate medical condition as “Autism ” . There are so many families out there going through this experience so we thought we should specially touch those hearts and support...

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