Author: M. Can Fidan

The U.S. Containerized Export Market in 2017

We just finished the first month of 2017, and it’s time for us to share our overall expectations for the U.S. Containerized Export Market in 2017. Where the freight rates should be? What should we be aware of as we go through the year? First, 2016 was not a good year for ocean carriers, freight forwarders, and I believe, even for most of the exporters when looking at revenue. We all did more work and were paid less to do that work. According to 2016 (Jan to Dec) containerized export data from Datamyne, the U.S. shipped 288,000 more TEUs to the top...

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US Gulf – Get Ready to Look for Space!

If you are a shipper from port of Houston and New Orleans, you should get ready for the perfect storm that’s approaching. As a person who has experienced the 2008-2009 US Gulf export boom, I see that companies are not really getting prepared as they should be. I don’t really mean the companies in petrochemicals that are going to be the reason of this huge demand increase, but the ones that are not in petrochemical industry. You need to wake up! Below is the total Polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE) tonnage expectation with the new facilities that are expected to...

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The First Vessel Sailed Through Panama, Now What Is There To Anticipate?

You have been reading both on our blog and other industry sources on what Panama Canal will be bringing. The main question is, did it really bring what has been promised and what does that mean to the shipping industry in the near future? Just to be clear and understand the impact, Panama Canal was handling %48 of US Trade against Suez canal, and as of today (just a little more than a month after the canal opened) Panama’s share has already reached to %57 and over-passed Suez Canal. According to JOC, based on recent fuel prices and tolls...

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For More Export Containers, Oil Prices Should Go Up!

For someone who may not be aware of exactly what is driving US container exports, the above statement may raise a question. Naturally, if oil prices are low one can easily make the argument of having lower oil prices should reduce the cost of production and shipping. Which is correct; however there are other very important variables that affect the process even more drastically. If you look at US containerized export market, the major export items are commodities like paper, metal, agricultural products and chemicals. There is a correlation between Oil prices and commodity prices worldwide. As the oil...

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What to expect from 2016 for Containerized US Export Market?

Beginning of 2015, on my article for the rest of the year, I forecasted that volumes will be coming down, and accordingly while Europe freight rates would be more stable, rates to Asia and Middle East will be shrinking. Even if EU rates has come down further then expected, Asia / Middle East went as my forecast. What is going to happen in 2016? First of all, through the first 10 months of 2015, U.S. containerized exports totaled 9.6 million TEUs, down 4.2 percent from the previous year according to JOC Data. This has been said the volumes to...

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