Author: M. Can Fidan

How Far Should the Shipping Industry Be Digitalized?

A big word in the transportation and shipping world is “digitalization.” This creates an opportunity for a certain part of the industry to justify comments like “how containerized shipping has been left 20-30 years behind” while other industries like retail, travel, etc. are already way ahead. Looking from the containerized transportation angle, I believe as an industry we are being under-rated. Why? If you look at a company like MTS Logistics, through the MTS import platform, we can have our customers pre-book an order, confirm a schedule from multiple carrier options using their computers/phones, have full milestone visibility, get...

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How Can I Reduce My International Logistics Costs in 2018?

Regardless of whether you are importing/exporting 10 containers, or thousands of containers, logistics is a significant process in the overall bottom line of companies. Reducing the overall cost of moving products from point A to B is not as simple as reducing the price of your trucking, or freight. First, we need to understand what the actual cost consists of. The cost of moving product starts from packaging, until that product is unpacked, and served, for its purpose. It may be broken down into pieces depending on who is controlling, or responsible for, what part of the transaction. The...

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Responsibilities of Ocean Carriers & Customers in an Ocean Shipment

Being in the shipping and logistics business over 18 years, I have experienced number of different disputes about the responsibility of shippers/consignees against carriers and vice versa. I can clearly say that there is still a huge crowd of shippers that are not aware of their and the carrier’s responsibilitites, according to the only viable contract in maritime law – Bill of Lading. I will not go too deep into actual Bill of Lading terms, but will be giving examples of common misperceptions of the terms and conditions of the Bill of Lading, through day-to-day examples. Now, every item...

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The U.S. Containerized Export Market in 2017

We just finished the first month of 2017, and it’s time for us to share our overall expectations for the U.S. Containerized Export Market in 2017. Where the freight rates should be? What should we be aware of as we go through the year? First, 2016 was not a good year for ocean carriers, freight forwarders, and I believe, even for most of the exporters when looking at revenue. We all did more work and were paid less to do that work. According to 2016 (Jan to Dec) containerized export data from Datamyne, the U.S. shipped 288,000 more TEUs to the top...

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US Gulf – Get Ready to Look for Space!

If you are a shipper from port of Houston and New Orleans, you should get ready for the perfect storm that’s approaching. As a person who has experienced the 2008-2009 US Gulf export boom, I see that companies are not really getting prepared as they should be. I don’t really mean the companies in petrochemicals that are going to be the reason of this huge demand increase, but the ones that are not in petrochemical industry. You need to wake up! Below is the total Polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE) tonnage expectation with the new facilities that are expected to...

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