Author: Ethan Huang

All About the Panama Canal – and It’s Recent Expansion

Considered one of world’s greatest engineering marvels, the Panama Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, using a man-made artificial waterway measuring 48 miles (77 km.) France was the first country to attempt construction of such a canal in 1881, but abandoned the project due to high death tolls from malaria, yellow fever, and other diseases. In 1904, the United States took over the project and completed development of the canal, for opening on August 15, 1914. Cutting across the Isthmus of Panama proved key for international maritime trade, shortening international trade routes. Using a sequence of...

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Congestion at Shanghai’s Yangshan Port

China’s Yangshan port has many claims to fame. It is considered one of the busiest port facilities in the world, and the world’s biggest deep-water port. Yangshan port is also connected to the mainland through the world’s largest sea bridge – Donghai Bridge. Over the course of the last few days, Shanghai’s Yangshan deep-water port has experienced abnormally-major delays and congestion. Reports of major delays have increased by 40 percent since the beginning of April, and experts speculate it could last until mid-May. The mainly affected areas include, but are not limited to, the Trans-Pacific, Asia-Australia, and Asia-Europe trade...

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E-Commerce Drives the Construction of “Mega Warehouses”

With today’s booming e-commerce market continuing to expand, the need for sufficient storage space to meet online consumer demands is at an all-time high. In order to keep pace with online consumer needs, retailers look towards extra large storage warehouses exceeding 1 million square feet, also known as “Mega Warehouses.” These warehouses are a way to keep an edge over the competition. According to a recent report released by real estate and logistics services company CBRE Group, between 2010 and 2016, over 110 of these mega warehouses were constructed, combined for an excess of 141 million square feet. Nearly 90 million square...

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The Impact of Shipping Consolidation and Alliances

With the introduction of mega ships within the shipping industry and a financial downturn within the global shipping industry, many major shipping carriers are finding it simpler and a more cost-effective route to merge and consolidate their shipping businesses or by joining shipping alliances. As a result of the Hanjin bankruptcy, shipping lines are searching for ways to prevent the similar outcome for their companies and prevent further reduction in market freight rates. In this article we examine the impact of shipping consolidation and alliances on the shipping industry. The three major global shipping alliances, 2M Alliance, Ocean Alliance...

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How Canadian Ports Are Utilizing Technology to Limit Congestion

Managing the flow of traffic in Montreal and Vancouver, two of Canada’s largest ports, is quite the challenge for everyone involved, especially the truck drivers carrying cargo to the Canadian ports. Such frustrations in getting cargo to these ports in a timely fashion are caused by congestion, delays, detours, and stoppages on port routes. Part of the reason why congestion has increased in North American cities is because many ports that used to be isolated are now located in congested urban areas. Making matters worse is that most ports share surface streets and highway space with their host cities....

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