Author: Orkun Gonen

What to Expect as 2017 Progresses: Contract Negotiations, Disruptive Global Trade Trends, and More

We live in a world with unprecedented global ties, and seamless collaboration for us industry professionals to do tasks after tasks. There are many variables out there that affect our decision-making process. In this article, I would like to provide you some insights to keep in mind as we move ahead with the rest of 2017. Contract Negotiations The difference between the expectations of shippers and carriers on ocean freight rates this year may set the stage for difficult contract negotiations for the 2017-2018 shipping season. Shippers assume they can lock in contracts with little or no rate increases, compared...

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NVOCC Important Predictions & Global Trends for 2017

In order to present a clear case for my predictions and trends for 2017, I will be providing you with some U.S. Customs data pulled via Datamyne on NVOCC-controlled inbound shipments for the Gulf and Midwest. In 2014, Houston experienced a large and clear increase in import shipments that are controlled by NVOCCs. For many NVO, 2014 was the golden year for their growth rate. For Houston, 2015 and 2016 marked a dramatic decrease in the number of TEUs NVOCCs controlled. According to Forbes, since 2007-2008, net Chinese exports accounted less and less each year as a percentage of China’s GDP...

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Cheat Sheet: 9 Critical Principles Logistics Professionals Should Adhere to in 2017 for all International Shipping Needs

International shipping is if not the most then one of the most competitive markets in the world. Daily interaction of multiple players and multiple industries results in constant reshaping of the international shipping arena. In order to create success and meet the ever-changing expectations, it is critical for industry professionals to implement the “right strategies.” Strategies that will allow them to drive more profit, increase competitiveness and ensure optimum receipt of value from their shipping arrangements. In this context the real value of the “right strategy” is simply priceless. There is no doubt 2017 will bring many ups and...

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Cheat Sheet: Five Ways to Reduce Shipping Expenses and Eliminate Dreaded Shipping Tasks

With a few easy tricks, anyone can boost the competitive edge of their company and become a hero over time. There are easy and effective principles that any buyer, seller, logistics or supply chain professional can apply to their international shipping arrangements and achieve incredible end results. Here are five ways to reduce shipping expenses and eliminate daily dreaded shipping tasks:   1)  Utilize each service option Each and every region is unique in its own way and has many vertical markets. Each trade lane has cheaper, faster, and route-specific shipping options. Working with a provider that can offer...

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The Shifting Trend in China and Challenges in Logistics

Since the early 2000s the Chinese government has pushed its economy forward with infrastructure spending by building everything from massive international airports to a web of highways. These state initiatives, along with low-labor costs, have fueled China’s high economic growth and made its economy very reliant on government spending. Recently, the Chinese government has been making strides to focus its economic efforts to create a consumer-driven economy in order to have a sustainable and steady growth in the near future. Ever since China has opened itself to the outside world for trade they have experienced massive economic development. However,...

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