Author: Mahab Rahman

Container Liners are Changing the Future of the Shipping Industry

Container liners are gaining market share within the shipping industry, but continue to bleed money, albeit at a slower rate. There seems to be an effort to stop bleeding. Overall, the shipping industry is estimated to lost about $5 billion during 2016. As predicted, the trend in consolidation of container liners, through mergers and acquisitions, continues at full force. Late last week, after months of speculation, Maersk Line officially announced the acquisition of Hamburg Süd, a German carrier from Oetker Group, with plans to complete the deal by end of 2017. The acquisition price of $4 billion will cement Maersk’s...

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The Spotlight is now on Hyundai Merchant Marine

Although the great demise of Hanjin Shipping sent shockwaves through the shipping industry, to many industry observers, it wasn’t something too farfetched. For years leading up to the Hanjin bankruptcy, the artificial nosedive to ridiculously bottomed-out rates created a bubble in which ocean carriers bled money year after year. This trend continues today. As a direct result, some will likely face a similar fate to Hanjin, while others will get swallowed up by other large players in the industry. As the dust start to settle, the spotlight is on South Korea’s another major carrier, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM.) On...

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Meet MV Blue Merlin

MV Blue Merlin is owned by Dockwise Ltd., a Bermuda-based marine transport holding company. This gigantic carrier craft is capable of hauling cargo of biblical proportions. Think about Noah’s Ark of the shipping world, where instead of those various animals, you have ships and other big machinery and equipment that need to get on board. If you happen to be someone who needs to transport 22 barges, each weighing nearly 3,000 tons, half way around the world, you’re going to need a capable, huge and sturdy boat. You will do some research and call up your buddies at logistics...

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The Future of Logistics Technology

Many of us working in the logistics industry often daydream about solutions to everyday problems, and naturally think of technology as our saving grace. Although, one would think that technology should play a major role in how business of international logistics is conducted. That simply isn’t the case today. The inconvenient truth is that the logistics industry is not an innovator and logistics technology generally lags behind the rest of the commerce world. Unlike almost all other industries, we have not created any processes that can redefine the industry like what Uber has done to the for hire car...

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The Tale of US Oil Export

  In the past few years, two important aspects of U.S. oil export equation have changed. First, it now becoming profitable for the energy industry to export U.S. crude oil. Second, US has become one of the world’s largest gross exporters of refined oil products. It is no secret that U.S. is addicted to foreign oil. Much of its foreign policy seems to revolve around supply and protection of the supply of oil. Rightfully so. For a world power like U.S., energy security is vital to keeping its country churning the economic wheel to fuel military expenditure. Since 1971,...

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