Author: Mahab Rahman

Changing the Destination After the Cargo Has Sailed

Let’s face it – things don’t always go as planned. There are countless steps that occur between moving your cargo from point A to point B, which means there are countless things that can go awry. If you have made it past some of the main check points – the product has a buyer, the space is reserved on the vessel, AES has been filed, equipment was available, all containers have been pulled, filled, and returned to the port by the cargo cut-off, documentation has been submitted by the docs cut-off, and the vessel has sailed with all containers...

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An Overview of Sanctions

In light of the recent move by the United Nations to sanction major North Korean exports coal, iron, lead, and seafood – causing North Korea to lose more than $1 billion in yearly revenue – let’s talk about sanctions and shipping. A sanction, as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, is an official order, such as the stopping of trade, that is taken to enforce the obedience of international law. These orders may be against a person, an organization, a region, or a country. Essentially, sanctions are put in place by the opposing country, or countries, in order to strong...

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Maersk Line Hit by Worldwide Cyber Attack

Maersk Line is the poster child, and is often lauded, for its successful implementation of right mixture of technology and human resources, to take advantage of many efficiencies and cost savings due to advances in technology. And then, today, this happened: the shipping conglomerate A.P. Moller-Maersk Group, the parent company of Maersk Line, was hit by a cyber attack on Tuesday, June 27th, that impacted its entire global operations. A global ransomware attack on Tuesday also hit computers at Russia’s biggest oil company, Ukraine’s international airport, global shipping firm A.P. Moller-Maersk, and the world’s biggest advertising agency, WPP, according to news...

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Container Liners are Changing the Future of the Shipping Industry

Container liners are gaining market share within the shipping industry, but continue to bleed money, albeit at a slower rate. There seems to be an effort to stop bleeding. Overall, the shipping industry is estimated to lost about $5 billion during 2016. As predicted, the trend in consolidation of container liners, through mergers and acquisitions, continues at full force. Late last week, after months of speculation, Maersk Line officially announced the acquisition of Hamburg Süd, a German carrier from Oetker Group, with plans to complete the deal by end of 2017. The acquisition price of $4 billion will cement Maersk’s...

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The Spotlight is now on Hyundai Merchant Marine

Although the great demise of Hanjin Shipping sent shockwaves through the shipping industry, to many industry observers, it wasn’t something too farfetched. For years leading up to the Hanjin bankruptcy, the artificial nosedive to ridiculously bottomed-out rates created a bubble in which ocean carriers bled money year after year. This trend continues today. As a direct result, some will likely face a similar fate to Hanjin, while others will get swallowed up by other large players in the industry. As the dust start to settle, the spotlight is on South Korea’s another major carrier, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM.) On...

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